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Group type: Summit Women Groups
Schedule: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of Each Month
Stage of Life: Adult Season: Winter Season: Spring Season: Fall Regularity: Twice Monthly Group Attributes: Childcare provided Gender: Female Group Type: Fellowship
Medium insta real moms
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Real MOMS is a group of women who strive to support other women who are navigating this thing called motherhood. Our desire is to create a space free from judgement and doubt, and full of respect for one another. We want to meet you right where you are, no matter where that is, because we realize there is power in our strength and in our weakness. There are no perfect moms, only REAL ones, and we have a place for you.

A few important highlights:
  • We will be extending the invitation to this group to include moms of children up to FIFTH grade! 
  • We plan to hold a few NIGHT meetings throughout the year in order to reach out to our moms who work outside of the home. 

Stay tuned for even more information that will be posted here soon about the group and the amazing things we have planned for this year.

In order to help cover materials and childcare we do ask that each mom pay $25 each year.  

Join our group by clicking the "Join This Group" button above, then Click here to register your child for childcare & to pay your dues.
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